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List of Items useful for children & local villages in Myanmar

If you are keen to contribute In-kind donations, the following is the list of useful items for the children and local villagers in Myanmar.

Daily use items

- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Bathing soap bar (non liquid type)
- Pencil
- Pen
- Eraser
- Sharpener
- Ruler
- Colour pencil
- School bags
- Small notebooks with nice cover design
- Rain coat (non-disposable type. Those that can be reused and lasting ones)
- Used clothing for children aged 3 - 18.

Book items (English only)

- Non fiction books which is helpful in widening the knowledge horizons of the children such as books related to:
(i) Physical Science
(ii) Life Science
(iii) Environment
(iv) Nature
(v) Geography
(vi) History
(vii) Astronomy
(viii) Tourism
(ix) Various types of picture encyclopedia for kids

- Story books suitable for Singaporean Primary 6 and younger

Items we do not collect 

- shoes
- umbrella
- slippers
- under wear
- any form of toys
- any form of food item
- exercise books
- magazine and newspaper

Some useful notes related to In-kind donation

- People in Myanmar usually do not wear shoes. They wear sandals and slippers which are better to be purchased in Myanmar.
- Umbrella used in Singapore tend to be too weak for the stormy weather there, especially those light and compact size type.
- Children in the villages do not play with toys children in urban areas play and we prefer not to encourage it.
- Food item, exercise books are better purchased there to avoid paying tax at custom office.

If you are keen to contribute, please follow the instructions below.

As GVH in Singapore is operated by volunteers without any full time staff, we hope that you could also help play a part in our volunteering team by cleaning (if appropriate), sorting, packing into boxes and sending them to our collection points so as to ease the handling process.

Boxes collected in Singapore will eventually be shipped to Yangon either by hand when volunteers go over, or by shipping company who contributes their extra cargo space. At Yangon side, once boxes are collected, the volunteers in Yangon will open the boxes and repack them appropriately to be redistributed to villages or children homes. During the entire process, operational cost is involved when we rent trucks and drivers in Yangon to send to more remote areas in Myanmar.

Renting of a truck with driver for a day in Yangon cost about $50.00 and it is covered by our GVH administrative cost. If you do not mind covering part of this cost, do send us a fund donation by clicking here for more instructions.

Please have a look at this image.

Estimated largest box size (Click to expand)

This image above shows the estimated largest size box we could accept. You could easily ask for empty boxes from any local groceries store or mini mart.

1) Please provide us a list of items (with quantity) which you have added into the box. This can be in the form of a white paper pasted outside the box or written on the box using a black permanent marker pen. This is because we needed to write a Delivery Order to the shipping company and it will ease the paper work process.

2) Then, please seal up using Transparent masking tape (1st choice) or white masking tape (2nd choice).

3) (Optional but we will really appreciate your help if you could do this step as well) Click here or the button below to download the GVH logo and print on A4 size white paper.

Paste the GVH logo on at least 2 opposite side of the box. When pasting, use the transparent masking tape and tape all 4 edges of the A4 size logo securely on the box. This is required to minimized the chance of your box going missing when we ship them via container ship.

Then take a photo of the box and send a whatsapp message to GVH Logistics at +65 8479 9896 to arrange a meetup day and time.

How to paste GVH logo on the boxes? (Click to expand)

Collection Points

We have 2 collection points:

1) Unity Centre, 51 Bukit Batok Crescent 07-19, Singapore 658077
2) Blk 716, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-4026, Singapore 560716

Unity Centre is the location where our GVH store room is located. It is in an industrial estate. When delivering there, you will be meeting our volunteer at the Cargo lift landing on Basement 2 carpark (not passenger lift) or if you have a trolley on your own, you could also bring it directly to our doorstep. Only by appointment only as our volunteers have their regular job elsewhere.

If you are delivering to Ang Mo Kio, please only do so if your items are packed in 1 box only and it is light enough for 1 person to carry with 2 hands. This is because the volunteer will be taking a bus from there to the storage place and he does not have a car. Currently the pick up day and time at Amg Mo Kio are as follows (by appointment only):

Monday 8pm to 10pm.
Friday 4pm to 10pm
Saturday 2pm to 10pm
Sunday 1pm to 5pm


Want to contribute in other ways?

Contribute funds to our various ongoing projects.

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