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Calling for financial assistance for the 5th GVH Bursary Project and Purchase of School Uniform & Study Material for 400 children for 2020/2021 academic year!

New academic year in Myanmar starts in June 2020. Last year, with your support, GVH was able to supply educational necessities like assessment books, stationery, school bags and writing material to 300 children from various homes and orphanages.

We were also able to sponsor 40 promising children tuition fees for a year so that they could have a higher chance to eventually pass their high school exam and qualify for university entrance...

GVH Bursary Fund

GVH sponsors selected children with 1 academic year of tuition classes, allowing them the chance to perform better in their school exams, and thus having a shot at a better future.


Tuition Sponsor

Sponsoring children with tuition fees to allow them to attend the necessary tuition classes and improve their school grades

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Academic Necessities

Giving out exercise books, school bags, exercise books, writing materials, mathematical sets and so on to students in order to provide them a level playing field

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Students receiving necessities at school in West Yangon

GVH Camp Series

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GVH Education and Inspirational Camp 2017 (Thank you Donor)

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GVH Education and Reflection Camp (1st CampFire) 2019

GVH Bursary Award Series

GVH Bursary Award Ceremony 2016 - 2017

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Our Better World Featured GVH Bursary Project in 2018

GVH Bursary Award Ceremony 2019 (Pre, During, After)


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